Updated Author Website, Book Editing and Event

#biasinfundraising panel for womens' investment summit 25% tickets discount

I am excited to share my updated author website www.brianasingia.com that will have book tour details and event recordings moving forward.

As another update, round one of Marketing and Revisions edits is now done and I expect to have round two done by end of the month before we submit for the Copyediting and cover design process or stages in October. Thank you for those that have been offering BETA reader feedback. If you are still interested in being a BETA reader, please email me at dream@thepearldream.com and you will be send the chapters for review.

Lastly, I am honored to be part of the #WeROC panel on September 24th and the conversation about bias in fundraising for the womens investment conference by @venture.capital_org #cashlesssociety101 #bookcreators #AskAsingia #ethics #womenleaders #womeninbusiness

Event Registration Page: https://bit.ly/WeROC-2021

LinkedIn Event Page: https://bit.ly/WR21-LinkedIn

25% off promo code: WEROC25