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Brian Asingia is CEO and co-founder of the DreamGalaxy Platform, an innovation studio that trains, advises and funds ethical entrepreneurial leaders to launch, grow and scale inclusive innovations. He has over 10 years involvement in the intersection of economy, business development, environment, technology and the arts, with a focus on agritech, automation or EthicalAI, education, healthtech, fintech (digital and mobile payments or banking). Asingia began his career on Wall Street and moved on to work with startups and as a consultant with governments, diplomats, educational institutions, and programs. DreamGalaxy curates and distributes authentic culturally relevant educational media for homeschoolers, school districts and lifelong learners to inspire and engage the next generation of ethical entrepreneurial leaders around the world. He is the author of The Last Digital Frontier (The Pearl Dream 2019) and Cashless Society 101 (New Degree Press 2021).

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